Sweet Medicine (In whisper that is all the music of the winds):

Time knows all things, because time is within all humans

The terror you are experiencing exists within you and within time.
Terror and violence are brought into being.
These are powerful forces within all humans.

All things, plants, animals, everything except human,
must act with violence

Violence is an awareness every human knows,
but because human has awareness he also has choice.

The human of all the beings, is the only one capable of choice.
It is an act of decision among humans who raise their hand in violence.

No other being is capable of such a conscious act.

I am joyous that you choose for me to live.
My heart is full because, you choose your mind and not brutality.

The starving brutalize each other.
The gardens of knowledge are full,
and the fruits within them are sweet.

Many people are starving near death.
They brutalize themselves and others…
… but this does not have to be.

The gardens are walled in with stones of ignorance.

you become hungry, child… search for wild food.

It is right in front of you.

It is within you.

Every question you ask is a step into fullness and completeness

inside walled gardens
are only relatives of wild food.

They were all taken from my greater garden.
All the seeds come from my circle.


Would you like a song painted within your eyes?

Estchima (wondering)
A song?

Sweet Medicine
A journey we make together.

In this way it is possible to see into the heart mind of your earth family.

You and I can see those things that have been chosen among the People

How is it we can do this?

Sweet Medicine (whispers)
Look into my eyes

Estchimah brings her face close – to her Mother the Earth, as close as a kiss, and sees her imagination.

Imagination has no form

She is drawn into the transformed world she now sees.

She would speak another thought out loud, but she cannot

Her voice begins to transform into pictures of silence.


Sweet Medicine (in Estchimahs mind now)
You have brought yourself into the Place Of The Muses

You are casting signs before you

upon the polished mirror of the foundation

of everything physical

This place you create

Familiar to me with you
Where your dream of day
Marries mind.

A joyous place, as you know
this is where you are born


We beautiful mind child

If you should hear laughter, it is I.

We shamanesses are always happy when we make medicine.

Laughing causes us to become invisible

That is one of our ways of telling a story.

We are always within a story…

…aren’t we?