A man and a woman guard the temple door.

They are twins and very old.

No Name walks up to the door.

Before she can ask to enter, the twins open the way. Despite their great size, the doors open smoothly, without the faintest sound.

Twins (commanding)


No Name enters.

Plainly Dressed Woman (quietly)

Sign your name

No Name (trying to shade her eyes )

I cannot see!

The foyer she now stands in shines brighter than even the brightest day.

Those who built the temple used cut glass, mirrors, and crystal to reflect the light from every direction into the foyer.

Dazzling rainbows glisten through the millions of crystals and are magnified a thousand times by the mirrors covering the walls, ceiling, and floor. 

In the middle of the room is a statue of clear polished glass. The image was of a very beautiful nude young woman.

No Name (screaming)

This light is unbearable!

What could the builders of such a place possibly have had in mind, to make it so beautiful and yet so painful?

Plainly Dressed Woman

This is the Moon Room
This room reflects the light from the moon and the stars.
It is very beautiful to see.

No Name notices the plainly dressed woman does not blink from the unbearable light.

She thinks this woman must be blind.