from missouri miltia

Command and Organization

Mobilization/Alert Readiness

Learning the Alert System and implementing it

Evacuation routes/rally points

Emergency mobilization

Task Organization (4-18 man element)


Movement Techniques/Small Unit Tactics

Low/high crawl

File, wedge, staggered column, echelon left/right

Rushes over open ground

Deliberate Danger Area Crossing



Hand and arm signals

Basic radio operating


Individual Camouflage

Basic First Aid/CPR – Red Cross Certification

Evaluate a casualty

Prevent/treat for shock

Clearing obstruction from throat

Treat/prevent heat exhaustion and frostbite/hypothermia

Treat burns

Put on field dressings

Apply dressing to an open chest, head, or abdominal wound

Splint a fracture

Perform CPR

Transport a casualty

Basic sanitation, preventive medicine, and health maintenance

Noise, Litter, Light Discipline

Basic Emergency Preparedness

Water storage


Food storage

Medical supplies

Basic Survival Skills

Identify wild foods in A/O

Identify poisonous plants/snakes in A/O

Locate and purify drinking water

Build a fire

Snare/trap wild game

locate and construct a field expedient shelter