Said the All-Merciful:

Blessed are ye, O Bhikshus, happy are ye who have understood the mystery of Being and Non-Being explained in Bas-pa [Dharma, Doctrine], and have given preference to the latter, for ye are verily my Arhats

Elephant sees his form mirrored in the lake, looks at it, and then goes away, taking it for the real body of another elephant…wiser than the man who beholds his face in the stream, and looking at it, says, “Here am I…I am I”

The “I,” his Self, is not in the world of the twelve Nidânas and mutability, but in that of Non-Being, the only world beyond the snares of Mâyâ.

That alone, which has neither cause nor author, which is self-existing, eternal, far beyond the reach of mutability, is the true “I” [Ego], the Self of the Universe. 

The Universe of Nam-Kha says: “I am the world of Sien-Chan”; the four illusions laugh and reply, “Verily so.”