White Buffalo Robe

Welcome to the Lodge of Shadows, my child.

Bows low
My name is White Buffalo Robe

No Name

I need directions out of the city

White Buffalo Robe

I know.

Sits down

But first I will tell you a story.


There was a large camp of People
and they were confounded by many thousands of mice that were among them.

They sit together in a circle to discuss their problem,
and they decide to call on owl amongst them to eat the mice.

And the chief sits the owl upon his own head.

But the mice do not diminish, so a second owl is called, but still the mice do not diminish

Then a third, eventually hundreds of owls.

After a while everyone has an owl upon their head.
And still the mice do not diminish.

A Little Child sees these things and asks the grandfathers why everyone has owls upon their heads
but they will not answer because they are ashamed.

If you wish to be rid of the mice, Little Child says,
why not bring a cat into the camp.

And the people listen, and the owls, all but a few, fly away,

and balance restores to the camp

No Name (laughs)

My problem is not owls
It is directions that I need.


White Buffalo Robe (bowing low)

Then here you are

Go to the room that is upon your right, down the hall.
Peace, my child, peace.