Tsegereda (Rosa) Mulugeta



Ellen Kamei
After serving as your AD 24 Delegate the past four years, it is an honor to once again seek your vote. I am a lifelong Democrat that began volunteering on political campaigns in elementary school with my parents, who were small business owners. I bring a unique voice and perspective to the delegate position and my career as a multi-lingual and multi-woman. A public servant the last ten years, I am familiar with local, state, and federal policies and procedures. Currently, I am the President of the Silicon Valley Asian Pacific American Democratic Club (SVAPADC). I am also a board member of the National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley (NWPC-SV) as well as an active member of Silicon Valley Young Democrats (SVYD), Peninsula Young Democrats (PYD), and the Santa Clara County Democratic Party (SCCDP). I am the past Secretary for DAWN – Democratic Activists for Women Now. I am an active member in our local community. I serve on the City of Mountain View’s Environmental Planning Commission, the Advisory Council of Leadership Mountain View through the Mountain View Chamber of Commerce, and the Mountain View Public Safety Foundation. It would be a privilege to once again be a delegate. Thank you for your past support and I hope to earn it again.

Lorri Holzberg
I have been an active Democrat and have been a delegate for AD 24 to the State Democratic Convention for five consecutive terms under Ira Ruskin and Rich Gordon. I would be honored for you to elect me again to be a delegate under ASM Marc Berman. I represent and support the values and principles of the Democratic party and am a member of local democratic clubs such as the Peninsula Democratic Coalition on which I have served on the board; San Mateo County Democracy for America and the Dean Democratic Club. I worked with the Democratic Volunteer Center in 2008; 20I0; 2012 and 2014 and have been active in local democratic campaigns for assembly and state senate and have worked on voter registration. Professionally, I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and was head of a nutrition services department at the Mountain View Campus of the Palo Alto Medical foundation until retirement. I continue to be an active member of my professional organizations both state(CA Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics- CAND) and national(Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics -AND) in the area of public policy and legislation. On the national level, I am currently serving as chair of the Legislative and Public Policy Committee which directs the focus of the AND’s policy priorities which includes advocating for Child Nutrition Reauthorization (school meals; summer meals; qualifications for meals; and advocating for healthy meal standards); Older Americans Act Reauthorization which includes congregate meals and “Meals on Wheels” programs; as well as cost-saving treatments under Medicare for adults with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and obesity. For CAND, I served as President for a 3 year term and head of public policy for 4 elected terms.

Shanta Franco-Clausen
In the current political climate it is extremely important to be both proactive and informed. I currently reside in Assembly District 24, which is located in the heart of the ever advancing and changing Silicon Valley. I have been a resident of this district for almost 6 years but have seen waves of different communities and demographics shift. As a avidly engaged community advocate, it has been disheartening to seen the lack of diversity within my Assembly District. As an Afro-Latina mother and politically engaged, it seems imperative to speak up for nearly 25% Latino, African American residents that are under-represented with un-addressed and identified needs in the city, county and state levels. I believe this position would give me the opportunity to provide a different prospective, diversity, and a vote that will take into account a solution that will represent and truly mirror the needs of my Assembly District. It would be an honor and privilege to continue to engage and understand the district in its entirety, absorb some of the lessons, concerns that are universally shared, and act as a liaison for my community. If provided this opportunity I would ensure to continue the mission of our Democracy and strengthen the participation in my Assembly District, expand the scope of my peers, communicate and learn from the members that served before me, and adapt with the changes that are occurring now and in the future.

Susyn Almond
I have worked as a Democratic grass roots organizer for decades. In 2016, I coordinated out of state travel for the Hillary campaign, traveled to Colorado to do voter registration and trained volunteers in phone banking. As a member of the Raise the Wage Coalition, I advocated successfully for cities to raise the minimum wage. As a result, six Silicon Valley cities have enacted new minimum wage regulations., as well as gaining the All Cities Coalition endorsement. After the recent election. It is more important than ever for California to continue leading the nation in progressive actions to keep our communities and our nation on the right track. We must stand strong on human rights, civil rights, universal health care, immigration and climate change. I have many years of deep connections in our community and the Democratic Party. I will listen to the community and represent it well.


Prameela Bartholomeusz
Our party took a devastating blow on November 8th. We have moved from having control of the presidency, House and Senate in 2009 to losing footing on all three counts as of 2017. This in spite of our democratic candidate winning the most popular votes of any other presidential candidate in the history of this great nation. “Focus on what you can change and how you can resist…we are all called to be leaders now, in the absence of leadership.” (speaking of the lack of leadership as of Jan 20, 2017). quoting N. Ziehl from a medium.com article earlier this month. There is now a call to action like never before. I proudly say that California’s policy leadership and its being the epicenter of innovation (minor detail-being the 6th largest economy in the world) has had an impact on the rest of the country and the world. We have more of an obligation to do some heavy lifting and to continue to lead than ever before. I have a background in finance and business having worked at a big four accounting firm as well as fortune 500 companies. For nearly a decade, I have been self-employed consulting for start-up to midsize companies in varying industries. On multiple occasions, I have taken several months off to work on presidential, national and state raises at a fundraising and organizing capacity. My family, community and country are important to me and I care about issues that impact all Americans. I’m a fighter like someone else we know and would like to continue the fight as a delegate to the California Democratic convention. I most recently was the Santa Clara County co-lead for the Hillary for America campaign. I was a fundraiser to the campaign and also a delegate to the Democratic National Convention this election cycle. In 2008, I served on the Platform Committee of the Democratic National Committee. These opportunities were my honor and privilege. I respectfully ask for your vote for delegate for Assembly District 24 on January 7, 2017.

Hilary Burcell
I am interested in representing my community to the statewide Democratic Party, and look forward to the opportunity become a more hands-on contributor to the Party’s agenda and activities. I bring the perspective of a worker, parent and concerned citizen interested in helping make California the model for a progressive community within the United States.

Nancy Devine
I would be be an energetic Assembly District Delegate because I am a native Californian who grew up on democratic values as articulated at the dinner table. Our family talked politics like others talk sports. My father, first an attorney, was a city councilman, a vice mayor, and was then appointed to the Municipal Court by then Governor Pat Brown, and later appointed to the Superior Court. I’ve walked precincts, worked in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 presidential campaigns, and am a member of MomsRising.org. I am compelled to be a candidate for the Assembly District Delegate position because of the horrifying results of November’s election. I want to work for voting rights, women’s rights, the ACA, climate change legislation, sanctuary status, our public education, our water and air, and so many other issues that are suddenly under attack by the incoming administration. We need to reach our rural residents and work with businesses for job training and employment. Homelessness will take coordinated work as well. Let’s get going and identify the qualified passionate candidates for 2018 elections, there’s so much we can do together. I am in graduate school at SFSU in a Certificate Program for the Teaching of Composition, and I am not out of class until evening, which is why I am sending this at this time.


Elspeth Farmer

We are entering a tough time in politics which will require involvement of new people who, up to this point, have not really engaged in politics. We are in uncharted territory as we deal with this new President and all that he brings with him. I am committed to working to strengthen the California Democratic Party and encourage involvement of the many people who have come to me since November 8th asking what they can do. Even though we are a blue state, the forces that elected Trump are also present in California. I believe we must take a deep look at our party structure and leadership – and work together to build a party that reflects our values and works for people. As a delegate since 2009, I have served on the Platform Committee (criminal justice plank) and two terms on the Executive Board.


Lynn Huidekoper

As a long registered Democrat and active member of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition, I volunteer to work on various causes-Single Payer healthcare, the homeless, registering voters, civil and immigrant rights, etc. For many years I was a member of the Government Relations Committee of the California Nurses Assn. and served as legislative liaison to several legislators. I attended the yearly CNA “Lobby Days” where we had a keynote speaker, break-out sessions and lobbying. I also have been a member of Health Care for All-California for many years. We wrote the Single Payer bill that Sheila Kuehl and later Mark Leno authored. It passed through both houses of the legislature only to dead end at the hands of one selfish many who didn’t care that 7 million of his constituents had no access to health care=Arnold Schwzarzenegger. Otherwise we would have been the first state to have Single Payer and I am sure it would have spread throughout the US as it did in Canada. HCA , CNA , PNHP(Physicians for a National Health Program)and other organizations continued having Lobby Days yearly when we had our bill and later after the bill was stopped in 2012. We wanted to keep Single Payer always in the news. The most recent “Lobby Day and Rally” at the Capitol , organized by the Calif. Health Professional Student Alliance(CaHPSA) was in May of this year. We were celebrating Sen. Ricardo Lara successfully passing his bill, SB4, which allows all children under 19, who are undocumented, to qualify for full scope Medi-Cal. He also authored SB10 which was signed by Gov.Brown which will allow undocumented residents, who can afford coverage under the ACA, to be able to purchase it. I am currently serve as the Co-Chair of the Legislative Committee for Health Care for All-CA and we track any and all important health care related legislation. I am als a member of the CADEM’s Disability Caucus. I also work on local issues such as housing, homeless issues, health care issues including access to care, transportation. I became a member of the Stop the Ban Coalition formed in August 2013 when the Palo Alto City Council voted 7-2 to enact a ban on the approx. 30 homeless tenants who slept n their cars behind Cubberley Community Center. we filed a lawsuit against the PACC stating that they were violating the constitutional rights of the homeless. Also the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals o


Carol Joyce

I am a lifelong Democrat who has worked to encourage and support candidates and policies that bring diverse voices and experiences to the decision making process. My frustration with the questioning of Anita Hill in 1992 led me to become an activist working in both red and blue states to encourage women to run for office and educate communities on the positive impact of elected women officials. As an advocate, I have worked with diverse community members who don’t have a seat at the table and whose perspectives are needed to reach California Democratic Party goals. In my professional life, I am an attorney and have worked as mediator. I have lived on the Coastside for 17 years and ran for Half Moon Bay City Council in November 2016. Although I did not win, I learned that residents of Half Moon Bay and the Coastside want policies that prepare for climate change, preserve open space and access to the coast, provide housing options for all income levels and protect our neighbors from changes in immigration policies. I believe these values are shared across AD 24 and the Democratic Party. As a delegate, I will reflect the values of AD 24 at the state conventions. I would be honored to represent AD 24 and respectfully ask for your vote.

Sally Lieber

I am proud to be a lifelong Democrat and want to ensure that our California Democratic Party takes the lead in fighting for progressive values at all levels. Women’s rights, environmental protection, workers’ rights and respect for the value of our diversity are issues that I’ve successfully fought for in local government and as a member of the State Assembly. The stakes are higher now than they have ever been—and the best hope for a better future is a strong Democratic Party. I want to be a part of strengthening our Party. Thank you for considering me. I would be honored to receive one of your votes.


Linda Marion

I am horrified by the current political climate in this country! I have voted and observed a lot of political administrations over the years: this will be the worst in our country’s history. California is one of the most successful states in our union because we have worked on fair wages, climate control and creating schools which educate and provide citizens with the ability to make informed choices. We have a history of inclusiveness which has fostered business growth, ingenuity and strong balances sheets. I feel strongly that we should stay the course and try to prove that leadership which puts people and climate concerns first can be successful and enduring.


Chelsea Nguyen

I am passionate about the issues affecting our state and our nation. We need policies that can result in positive changes. I believe the best way to move forward is starting at the grassroot level. During the early days of the Primary season in the fall of 2015, I did exactly that. Hosting events to recruit volunteers was the first stage. From there, I hosted PB and then Canvassing events. During the General election period, I left my daughter and went to North Carolina for a month and volunteered everyday, doing voter registrations to PB, volunteer recruitments, working at rallies and canvassing all over NC. We need to have the right people to make our state the model for our nation. I need people that can affect change. We need to work harder to move forward. As a delegate, I will work hard to for and to support the Democratic district candidate to ensure that our goals and platforms will be at the forefront of the local, state and national discourse. As a mother, a veteran, and a Blue Star mom, I care deeply about issues affecting the future of my family: everything from education to veterans issues to climate change.


Emily Ramos
Since elected as an Assembly Delegate in 2014, I have dedicated every spare moment to building the Democratic Party. I am asking for your vote to continue the work I am doing to advance progressive values in the party. I am the current president of the Silicon Valley Young Democrats and the Bay Area Deputy Regional Director for the California Young Democrats (CYD). At the 2016 California Democratic Party State Convention, I implemented and organized record setting young democrat attendance as the CYD convention chair. Additionally, I was appointed as the county MOE administrator for the Democratic Party and regularly attend local central committee meetings on behalf the young democrats club. In these capacities, I’ve recruited young democrats, assisted democratic party endorsed campaigns with data distribution and created a space for be a more inclusive and transparent Party. I am also a member of the Dean Democratic Club, Sunnyvale Democratic Club, National Women’s Political Caucus of Silicon Valley, and the League of Women Voters Mountain View-Los Altos. I am passionate about good government, transparency and increasing civic engagement. I believe that these principles should apply our elected officials and party leadership and that there are many opportunities with new technologies to enact these principles. As a delegate for the 24th assembly district, I plan to advocate for more campaign finance reforms (like the ordinance I advocated to create and pass in Mountain View) to get money out of politics, encourage more people, especially young people to join and be active in the party, and help build a pipeline of progressive leaders in our area. I would be honored to earn your vote.


Andrea Reyna

November 9th was one of the toughest days of my career in public education. My middle school students were awash in emotions ranging from fear, disgust, and anger. Our classroom went through a box of tissues as kids feared for vulnerable family members. Students struggled to find meaning and reason in the election. The election of Trump will stain the Republican party for generations. Democrats must “go high” and organize around positivity and inclusivity. I am determined to build a stronger future for my students and for the people of California. We can rebuild, we can reorganize, we can fight back against the Trump administration. The years ahead will bring challenges, but we can face them with unity. Through my union, I have been heavily involved in elections. I have lived in AD 24 for six years and I want to step up and serve in a new capacity. I serve on the Political Involvement Committee for the California Teachers Association. Through that committee and our State Council on Education, I am involved in decision making on candidate endorsements and positions on ballot propositions. Successful elections also require boots on the ground knocking on doors, engaging others in conversations in person and on the phone, plus securing the support of elected officials. I have experience in all of those realms. As a multilingual Latina who serves students who are economically disadvantaged, I to the table with perspectives, experiences, and strategies that the Democratic Party needs for its present and future.


Linda Sell

I have been an effective volunteer grassroots organizer for several years and have led efforts to bring the community together to support progressive Democratic values. I am currently the secretary of the Sunnyvale Democratic Club which helps people learn about community issues, foster leadership and elect Democratic candidates. I am a co-founding and former board member of Bay Area for Clean Environment (BACE) which is a non-profit that educates people on local issues and is committed to protecting citizens health, quality of life, and our local environment. Since BACE’s founding in 2010, a major local industrial polluter has heavily reduced some toxic pollutants that fall upon our Silicon Valley communities. Our elected leaders and agencies need to uphold laws that protect our environment and our healthy quality of life. I have also volunteered on efforts in the community that have focused on supporting education. This includes serving six years as a board member on a non-profit organization to support supplemental enrichment funding for a local school; ten years as a summer instructor for a high school science and engineering mentoring program; and as one of the core volunteers for an unprecedented school district-wide community fundraising effort ultimately that raised over $2.5 million in eight weeks, helping to restore 107 teachers’ jobs that were to be eliminated due to drastic state budget cuts in 2010. My role for that campaign was founding parent volunteer organizer and committee recruiter, and steering committee member. The campaign brought together parents, teachers, administrators, unions, local businesses, and an existing education foundation. They all joined to preserve our children’s current quality of education. Fundraisers can effectively unite a group for a targeted local need. However, we need long-term, sustainable solutions to reform the California educational system. We need to make sure that all children from K-12 receive a high quality public education. I also have over 20 years of experience in engineering and product development in high technology. I have received a BS in electrical engineering from the University of California, Davis. Please support me, Linda Sell, candidate for Assembly District Delegate and thank you for your consideration.


Carolyn Templeton

Hi, I’m Carolyn “Cari” Bloodworth Templeton, and I want to be a California Assembly District Delegate for district 24. Why am I running? I am a progressive Berniecrat who wants to provide a positive, respectful, and engaged voice to both 1) broaden our party by bringing in independents and young people, and 2) activate our party base by embracing the progressive goals. I am particularly interested in the following three focus areas: 1) EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND LGBTQ. I support women’s rights, women’s reproductive rights, and LGBTQ causes. I am personally involved at women’s groups at work and in the community with the goal of furthering women in leadership positions in Silicon Valley. 2) CIVIL RIGHTS FOR MINORITIES. Recently, the racial tensions in the Bay Area and throughout the country are escalating because of the increased transparency that technology has enabled around wrongdoing by officials. Now, everyday people can capture photos and video of rogue racially motivated behavior and brutality by police officers against African Americans, Latino/as, and other minorities. Such behavior should be prosecuted, and justice should be sought for the victims’ families. We want a better America for all Americans. 3) RESTORE THE MIDDLE CLASS. Bringing back the middle class is vital for America’s economy. In the heart of District 24 (Palo Alto and the Silicon Valley area), we have lost our middle class, and with it we have lost that sense of inclusiveness that our community once had. Our district is a microcosm showcasing the crisis that is facing our country, in that the rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer and literally pushed out of the landscape of opportunity. We have to care for our middle class, nurture it, grow it, rather than displace it. The progressive goals of supporting free education, higher taxes on the billionaire class, and worker’s rights speak to my heart. I ask for your support to become a California Assembly District Delegate for district 24. Thank you!


Amy Pearl

It is easy to be a good leader in good times: now is the time to show how California Democrats can truly be effective at solving the difficult problems we face. Responding to and balancing many different demands requires good judgment, hard work and flexibility by the State Party platform and convention. With the Democratic electoral losses across the country for the last decade, we need a strong movement and California needs to be a showcase of Democratic principles and economic impact – for the rest of the country. A lifelong Democrat, I believe in protecting the needs of the country as a whole and the needs of the many against the special interest of the entitled few. After the disinformation, truthiness, and death of logical thinking that dominated the 2016 Presidential election, it’s even more critical that we educate and connect with all people to have an informed, engaged electorate. We need to re-connect our agenda with the Democratic Party’s historical working class base while continuing to engage the rising American electorate. As past President of the Peninsula Democratic Coalition (PDC, Northern CA’s largest Democratic Club), as a former member of the Santa Clara County Democratic Central Committee, and as Past Chair, Santa Clara County Advisory Commission on Elections, I help elect Democrats throughout California and educate and engage our local citizens. As a field organizer and fundraiser for individual candidates, and as National Board Chair of Emerge America, I work to recruit, develop, support and elect qualified women – and men – to elected office. I share what I learn in my political travels through the PDC newsletter and social media (see www.amypearl.com for info and to sign up or follow). We must protect Democracy by defending and improving electoral processes and strengthening campaign finance reform. We must fill our leadership pipeline with the “rising American electorate,” at the same time honing our economic and social message and connection to all citizens. With an MS from Stanford University in Computer Science, I was an R&D engineer and executive for 20 years at major Silicon Valley companies and startups. I have integrated community involvement and social impact into my professional life: I worked to increase women in technical leadership through corporate and national efforts and personally mentored women and minority engineers; I have worked on technical flaws in electronic voting systems; I worked to develop computer literacy in minority students. In 2006 I changed professions and in 2012 I started an independent Registered Investment Advisory firm to educate and empower individuals and families. Please support me, Amy Pearl, candidate for Assembly District Delegate.


Jacquelyn Wheeler

I am a passionate progressive supporting the environment, women’s rights, education, campaign finance reform and social justice for all. During my 2015-2016 term as an AD 24 Delegate, I attended Annual Conventions and E-Board meetings and was involved in a variety of caucuses gaining insight about many issues that affect our district and state. I am a member of the Dean Club, the Peninsula Democratic Collation, the Century Club and importantly, I work with close the gap CA to successfully recruit progressive women to run for the California legislature. I support progressive candidates by hosting events, fund raising, phone banking, walking, strategizing and managing campaigns. We need to support and encourage–demand! that our legislators turn progressive values and ideas into accomplishments and defend attacks on our present accomplishments. I would be honored to be able to continue this work as an AD 24 Delegate. With the knowledge and experience gained over the last 2 years, I am able and want to continue to represent our district at this critical time.


Margaret Okuzumi

I first became a delegate almost by accident, as part of a wave of new people encouraged to get involved by Howard Dean’s campaign for President. For most of the years since then I’ve managed to be elected delegate, and have been operating somewhat at the margins of the party, pushing to hold it to progressive ideals. I think I share with many progressive activists a healthy skepticism of the party, a party which has at times kowtowed to Big Oil and oligarchy. I’ve seen changes over the years of who gets involved, and the corrosive effect of growing economic inequality which negatively affects people ability to engage in civic endeavors. While California is a blue state and we live in a blue area, that masks some significant weaknesses locally, and nationally the party has lost many seats. Our bench is not strong. And the same old approaches are creating a party that is gradually decaying, as the percentage of “No Party Preference” voters have increased over the years. At state conventions in years past, struggling to figure out how to be most useful and effective as a delegate, I spent much of my time organizing for the Sierra Club and the California Clean Money Campaign. For example, I designed and printed “Protect California’s Environmental Quality Act” stickers and organized distributing them to convention goers and gathered signatures for the DISCLOSE Act, and helped with organizing their booths there. At this pivotal moment, I’m no longer content to act on the margins, so I am running for e-board, and over the past year I have developed strong connections to activists in many districts statewide who are entering into Democratic Party activism. I’m a proven grassroots activist who was awarded the Santa Clara County Democratic Party’s highest honor, the Madge Overhouse Volunteer of the Year award in 2014 for my work helping to pass gun safety regulations in Sunnyvale and getting Democratic candidates elected. I was also a co-founder of what is now the Sunnyvale Democratic Club. I am hopeful that this will be a year of big changes for the state party, and I hope to use my facilitation, mediation and organizational skills to help facilitate those changes. If you would like a Democratic Party that is healthy, truer to its platform and ideals and welcoming of new activists, please vote for Margaret Okuzumi.


Elizabeth Beheler

I was born in unknown circumstances to an unknown woman somewhere in Daegu, S Korea. I was adopted by a family in Naugatuck, CT and grew up raised by a hardworking, uneducated single mother, always tightrope walking on the poverty line. I worked so hard, got scholarships and bartered away my young adulthood to get college loans. I graduated from Boston University with a master’s degree in Physical Therapy and an insane amount of debt. I started working and I eventually I paid back every cent. I moved to the Bay Area in 2003. I got married. I traveled. I had two children. I served the Portola Valley and Menlo Park communities in my career and tried to lead by example to show what the great Audrey Hepburn once said, “We are each born with two hands. One is for helping ourselves and one is for helping others.” My daughter is enrolled in public elementary school. And then Hillary ran for president. I felt like I’d won the historical lottery. Somehow, unbelievably, she lost to Donald Trump. And of all the things that might have extinguished the fire in my soul, this one almost did it. They all said fight. I was too disappointed, angry, and overwhelmed to think about it. But slowly I got back into my life and cut away the distractions and focused on what core beliefs that have driven me to rise from a nameless orphan to a strong and independent woman. And those core beliefs are: Inclusive equality for all women and girls. Autonomy over our healthcare, birth control, and family planning. Access to quality education from daycare through post graduate degrees. Equity in the workplace. Women in leadership so that we are heard, understood, and valued. And safety in our society from abuse, assault, harassment, and gun violence; for ourselves and for our children.