Boundary of Blood

The room seems to explode in her face. It appears to have no end, a composite of geometrical lines, colors, and shapes alive within their own force of millions of intersecting points.

An old grandmother suddenly emerges and walks toward No Name. Her clothes make her nearly invisible within the color and lines that flow around her.

Dance Hammer (bows low)

Welcome my child
My name is Dance Hammer
Lance and Bow are at your Feet
Herbal Sweet Grass is placed upon Fire
Moon and Stars reflect in the dark pool of your Remembrance

You bring yourself into the Maze
Four Sleeping Lions awaken

Black Lion hunts in the Sacred Mountains, marries Medicine Deer.

White Lion hunts in the Forests of Everything Taught, marries Erect Horns (the antelope)

Yellow Lion hunts along the Great River, marries Thunderbird

Red Lion hunts upon the Prairies, marries Sweet Medicine


There is a New Language spoken here…a language of questions.

My name is Upside Down…I am Keeper of this lodge.

I am holding the Bowl of Worry.

It is a bowl carved by humans from Root Wood of the Sacred Tree

Many visit my lodge and ask for the Carved Bowls…they fear the Lions.
The Lions are Four Voices when you take them from this lodge.

One carved bowl is pure gold when you take it from this lodge.
It will make you rich…the other will make you poor.

My robe is yours for the asking.

Do you have a question, little sister?

No Name

I am seeking directions.

Dance Hammer

Go then to the room upon your left. It is across the hall.

Bows low