​Matthew chapter 6:9-13

Our heavenly Father, sacred is your name.
Your kingdom come. Your will done,
As there in heaven so here on earth.
Give us bread for our daily food.
Leave us serene,
just as we also allow others serenity.
Do not pass us through trial,
except separate us from the evil.
For yours is the kingdom,
the power and the glory
To the end of all the universes

original aramaic:

Avvon d-bish-maiya, nith-qaddash shim-mukh.
Tih-teh mal-chootukh. Nih-weh çiw-yanukh:
ei-chana d’bish-maiya: ap b’ar-ah.
Haw lan lakh-ma d’soonqa-nan yoo-mana.
O’shwooq lan kho-bein:
ei-chana d’ap kh’nan shwiq-qan l’khaya-ween.
Oo’la te-ellan l’niss-yoona:
il-la paç-çan min beesha.
Mid-til de-di-lukh hai mal-choota
oo khai-la oo tush-bookh-ta
l’alam al-mein.